Discography and publication

Van Wagner's releases.

A Mountain Man's Dream 2016

Ash to Ash 2015

The Fringe 2014

Live At Elk Creek Cafe 2014

Started With A Board (2013)

Flood Sessions (2012)

Lost In The Mountains (2011)

Woolrich Coat (2010)

Coal Dust Rust and Saw Dust (2009)

Shikellamy (2008)

Be A Tree (2007)

Only Passing Through (2006)

Walking The Streets  (2005)

Alone  (2004)

Pickle Barrel (Spring 2003)

If Time Could Stand Alone (Fall 2003)

North of 80 (2002)

Going Back To Bald Top Mountain (2001)

Flat Bottom Town (2000)

Climbing To The Top (1998)

Living In Myself   (originally 1997, remastered 2001)

Macleod's Dream (1996)

Picking In the Woods (1995)

Van Wagner's joint releases

The Pickle Barrel (summer 2003)

Appalachia Don't Say Maybe, Say Clabe (1996-1997)

Chigliac Feedhorn Dunnawetter (1996)

Rich Pawling and the History Alive Boys Hammered In Iron, Live In Danville! (2000)

Rich Pawling and the History Alive Boys History Thru Song (1998)

Van Wagner on other artists' releases

Woody Wolfe "Hitch Hiker"

Grantham Road "Desperate Times"

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