"..life's a song my friend that's been written for us, 
you've got to live the verses and fall back on the chorus."




photo by Deborah Logan









Van Wagner Live Shows


Van Wagner House Concerts, click here for more info


Check out the North of 80 community on facebook.  I often send information on live concerts, new albums, and more to them 1st.  They host an annual get-to-gether at Hickory Fest each August.   It's a great group of people!

Live Concerts and Programs 2021

Oct 16 Danville PA

Liberty Township Fire Co. festival.  Van 5:30-7:30pm

Oct 24 Millheim PA

Elk Creek Cafe Creekside.  3:30pm

Nov. 7 Benton PA

Ricketts Hard Cider music by Van 4-6pm.