All songs written by Van Wagner.

Thanks to Brian Crane for help writing You Can't Force a Mule and to Jack Marks for help writing Barn Dance.

A homemade mouthbow was used on Catch a Fish in the Susquehanna.  It is considered to be the oldest stringed instrument on Earth. Once played all over the world, the Appalachian Mountain region is one of the last places you can still find them in use.  

Vocal harmony by Zoey Wagner, Heather Wagner, Kate Woodruff.

Lacrosse harmony by Will, Wyeth, Eric, Ethan.

Fiddle by Jay Smar

This album is dedicated to the memory of my friend Gary Lucas.

Tracked, mixed & mastered by Alexander Paul  -

1.    Catch a Fish in the Susquehanna

2.    Someone's Resting Place

3.    Talking Eel and Shad blues

4.    Alone and In the Pines

5.    Independent Miners

6.    Robbin' the Pillars

7.    Chartier and His Shawnees

8.    Simple Things Simple Times

9.    You Can't Force a Mule

10.    Barn Dance

11.    Where Your Treasure Is Found

12.    50 Years, 50 Buckets of Blood and Tears